Calling Bendigo home base and stretching to Castlemaine. 


Vocals / Josh Cahill
Guitar / Lee Chatterton
Bass / Chris Hayden
Drums / Aaron Grey




A 4 piece Hardcore/Metal band from Victoria, formed in 2008. Lee Chatterton and Tim were high school jamming bro’s and they met Chris Hayden at an after school fight, with the engine firmly locked in place Simon enlisted his considerable services with his pipes from hell and the rest as they say, is history. 

Trading off the back of their great live show reputation alone was working well but they needed a studio product and in 2012 they hunkered down to record their debut album ‘Entities’. Most of the tracks were written whilst on tour or in the minimal downtime between shows. Not shy of playing a gig, they even continued to play shows throughout the recording process which helped to alter some of the songs resulting in a more favourable outcome.

The first single from 'Entities' was 'Bomber' released in September 2012 and made an impact straight away spending 4 weeks in the #1 position on Triple J’s Unearthed Metal Charts,getting airplay on the Triple J and Triple J Unearthed radio stations, as well as a number of local and community radio stations around Australia.

With the sudden exit of Simon 'vocalist' who moved to the East Coast to pursue life, Mat Bartleson was recruited and alongside the lads they continued to work hard, touring their backsides off playing anywhere and everywhere they possibly could.

In April 2013 the lads were made Triple J Unearthed's Feature Artist.

The second single ‘Remnants’ received a lot of support whilst third single 'Weight Of Disturbance' both from 'Entities' made it to #2 on Triple J Unearthed's Metal Charts.

In mid-2014 Tim 'drummer' had to part ways with the band due to the time constraints of his new career as a policeman. The band then enlisted the services of Aaron Grey (Artilah) and couldn't be more pleased with the chemistry and skill he brought to the new and existing material.

A standalone single 'From Here' was released
31.12.2014 and true to the bands previous singles proved to be a favourable edition both to the fans and the industry.


With things picking up September 2015 ABREACT was hand picked by global giants Converse to be part of their Rubber Tracks program.

A program where a few select artists from all over the world got to spend time recording in some of the world’s top studios.
From over 3000 artists only three were selected from Australia.

Fresh new shoes = check!

ABREACT was flown to Vancouver Canada to record at Bryan Adams' famous Warehouse Studio.  A studio where AC/DC, Slayer, Mudvayne, Muse and Biffy Clyro just to name a few had recorded albums.

More-so a special place for guitarist Lee as this is where AC/DC had recorded their last three albums (AC/DC being the reason Lee plays guitar!).

Despite the 27 hour journey, three plane trips, short change over times which made excess baggage collection and re check in a fine art even a very lengthy customs grilling on arrival to Canada couldn't dampen the bands spirits. The whole experience only gave the boys more drive as a direct glimpse into big time tour life. Definitely quite the change from numerous hours on the road.

With no sleep, partial jet-lag, much adrenaline and studio arrival early the next day, the band walked in and laid some heat that would eventually become 'The Warehouse Sessions' 7" EP.

Lee bumped into Stevie Young from AC/DC the very first morning (they were in town to do a show) and they had a great chat. As luck would have it, all the AC/DC fans had taken up the bulk of local accommodation in town so Converse had to put ABREACT up in somewhere a bit more upmarket that just so happened to be the same hotel as the rock icons. AC/DC arrived back at the hotel later that night, the same time ABREACT did so the boys were able to meet Angus and chat to Stevie again.


Lee and Stevie caught up again in the morning, exchanged details and Stevie said ABREACT would be back stage guests when AC/DC played in Melbourne in a few months. Stevie called Lee himself the day before the show to make sure he knew were to get the backstage passes etc. ABREACT enjoyed the greatest rock show on earth and got to experience that from the best seat in the house!  AC/DC, true to form, proved to be very down to earth genuine people with some great self depreciating humour to boot. An experience that will never be forgotten.

In 2016 ABREACT was invited to attend the Converse' Chuck Taylor II Launch and much to their surprise gifted some more free fresh kicks. Christmas had come early. Again!

'The Warehouse Sessions' 7" vinyl EP was released

01.05.2016 and another extensive regional tour followed.

This brings us to current days and a turning point where 'vocalist' Mat ended up parting ways with the band after a stellar run but growing time constraints with a new family and his business taking off something had to give. It was time to pass the mic on to a fresh candidate deemed worthy of filling this seldom vacant position sharing the kind of dedication and passion that ABREACT has fashioned as not only their title but their humble and diverse brand. That person would be Josh Cahill (Death Audio) who stepped in and officially took on the title of Front man in January 2018.


ABREACT have been fortunate enough to support some amazing bands including: The Amity Affliction, Northlane, Mnemic (Europe), Feed Her To The Sharks, Unearthly (South America), King Parrot, Hellions, Texas In July (USA), Underside (NEP), In Hearts Wake, For All Eternity, Hand of Mercy, Superheist, Frankenbok, Bam Margera - Earth Rocker (USA), CKY (USA) and many more!!


Industry Reviews

"ABREACT show no surrender in this anthem of resistance against the oppressive capitalist society we live in. Mat’s lyrics may be lacking the subtleties heard in ‘Entities’, but the topic is confronting, the music is in your face, so why shouldn’t the lyrics be blunt and to the point? Now there’s one aspect I haven’t mentioned yet, and that’s Lee Chatterton’s riff-flavoured icing on the cake, complementing every other aspect with a touch more intensity and holding the package together tightly through the breakdowns and bridges.
ABREACT are still the epitome of Australian hardcore in my eyes, and are well set to maintain that position with their new line up" Regan Boyce SF Media

"ABREACT's 'Entities' is straight up amazing and easily one of the best Australian releases I’ve ever heard, the world needs to hear ABREACT and they need to hear it now. Overall: 9/10" - J Ewings, Australian Musicians Network.

"ABREACT makes a brutal debut, which will develop its qualities especially in concerts" (AK) Legacy Magazine Germany

"On 'Entities' ABREACT combine the old school hardcore attitude with a modern metal sound. What you’re left with after that is something insanely heavy and yet is enjoyable and has mass appeal, a perfect combination. The passion and power behind it just sticks with you" Regan Boyce SF Media